What is The Best Time For Online Train Ticket Booking?

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Indian Railways allow tickets to be booked 120 days before the journey starts assuming the train leaves the originating station the very same day. Therefore, popular trains seats are all booked well before a month before the journey date. If you are planning a trip on such routes then you may find yourself on the waiting list (GNWL). There are other ways using which you can better your chances at getting a confirm ticket which I’ve discussed in the article here.

Tips on Best time for online train ticket booking

If you’re still unable to get a¬†confirm ticket, then Tatkal tickets are your only option. Tatkal tickets are reserved tickets on a train that can be booked just before a day when the train starts its journey. These are extremely important tickets as everyone who wants to be on that train will try to get a confirmed ticket.


Since such less number or Tatkal tickets available and just one day to go for the journey, Tatkal tickets are all booked within minutes of them being available. Therefore, timing is of the essence here. So the best time of booking a Tatkal ticket is the very minute these tickets become available to book.


In case you have to book an AC ticket, the Tatkal AC tickets become available at 10 am on the previous day of the journey. For all the Non-AC class tickets, Tatkal tickets become available at 11 am on the previous day. Since online Tatkal ticket booking has been made available, these tickets are booked within 5 minutes. Therefore, make sure you get a confirmed ticket by then.


Things to remember

The Tatkal tickets become available a day before the train actually leaves its origin station. Therefore, if you are at a station where the train will reach the second day of its journey, then you will have to book Tatkal tickets 2 days earlier.


Also, the General waiting list is given a priority over Tatkal waiting list. Therefore, there is no point in booking a Tatkal ticket on a waiting list, as it is next to impossible that your ticket will ever get a confirmed seat.


Therefore, always book a confirmed Tatkal ticket, know more about it in this article: How To Book A Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC?

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