You Can Book Up To 12 Railway Tickets If You Are Aadhaar-Verified Users

Book Up To 12 Railway Tickets If You Are Aadhaar-Verified Users

Until now, you could book only 6 railway tickets every month on IRCTC. This will now change as the Indian Railways has increased this limit to 12 tickets per month. This maximum ticket booking limit will only be applicable to those who have verified their Aadhaar card.

So, it must be clear to you by now that this move has been made to encourage the passengers to link their Aadhaar card with their IRCTC accounts. This move came into effect on October 26. The passengers who haven’t verified their Aadhaar numbers with their IRCTC accounts can continue to book up to 6 tickets every month. But when they want to book the 7th ticket or further, they have to update the Aadhaar number of themselves as well as one of the passengers on the IRCTC website.

If you want to verify/update your Aadhaar number on the IRCTC website, then simply login to your IRCTC account and under “My Profile” click on Aadhaar KYC. Now enter your Aadhaar number and update it. You will receive an OTP that will be sent to the mobile number that is registered with Aadhaar. Enter this OTP and your Aadhaar verification process will be completed.

If you have any passengers that are traveling with you, then you can update the Aadhaar number of any one of them under “Master list”. The same OTP process will be followed and the Aadhaar number would be verified. You also have the option to save the names of verified passengers that are traveling with you on the “Master list”. According to the officials, you have to complete this process before booking more than 6 tickets in a month.

The Aadhaar verification process is aimed to eliminate the malpractices that take place during ticket bookings as now agents and touts cannot create fake IRCTC user ID anymore. On the IRCTC website, in any instance, a maximum of 6 passengers can get the reservation on a single ticket under general quota. For Tatkal bookings, only 4 passengers are allowed per ticket.


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