Compensation For Loss, Damage etc. Of Goods/Animals

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Indian Railways take responsibility for your goods when they are being transported using trains. Therefore, in any event of loss or damage to your goods, you can demand a claim for a compensation to the Railway Administration.

Compensation In Detail:

What Does A Railway Claim Mean

In simple words, it is the compensation given to the rightful claimant by the Railway Administration in any event of loss or damage that happens to the goods or animals that were handed over to the Railways for carriage from one station to another.

The goods/animals did not make it to the destination station or not in good condition because of –

1] The consignment was not delivered at all.

2] The consignment was partially delivered.

3] The consignment/package was damaged, pilferage or deteriorated.

4] Perishable goods like vegetables and fruits were rotted.


If False Claims Are Made

Section 149

If any person makes a claim for compensation from Railway Administration for loss, damage, non-delivery etc of their goods/consignment/animals etc, if the claim is found false, then that person is liable for punishment. In such cases, the person can be punished by imprisonment for a term of up to 3 years or a fine or with both.


Time-bound claims

Claims for loss, damage, non-delivery etc of the consignment has to be filed within 6 months after the date when it was originally booked. After 6 months, such claims become time-barred and will not be entertained. Only the General Managers of Zonal Railways are empowered to settle such a time-barred case after a satisfactory explanation for the delay is given.


Suit-barred claims

A claims case that gets more than 3 years old is termed as a suit barred case. Therefore, no suit can be filed against the railways in such a case. A case can get delayed for so long for multiple reasons. The claim is then rejected. However, in some cases, the delay is caused due to the Railway Authorities which can be caused by waiting for the report of the tracking officers, fixing inter-railway liability, staff responsibility etc. These cases are not rejected but are decided on its merits. Again, the General Managers of Zonal Railways have the authority to waive such suit barred cases.


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Not Received Cell (NR)

Such cells are created for tracing and connecting consignments that weren’t delivered to the destination in expected time. The customers can directly contact the officers of these cells and they can track down their consignment.


Unbooked Luggage

No compensation will be given for unbooked luggage or luggage which is in the care and custody of the passenger.


Important Things To Remember

1] Do not declare false contents of the package.

2] False claims will be punished as discussed above.

3] No compensation will be paid for the goods carried by the passengers at their own risk.

4] Do comply with the rules of packaging before sending your consignment.

5] Only 50% of the amount of the liability for the goods will be paid by the Railways when the goods are carried in open wagons at the request of the customer.

6] Always fix your claim within 6 months.

7] Get the value of your consignment right by paying percentage charges at the time of booking.

8] Take the delivery of your consignment within 7 days of arrival. After that, the consignment will be disposed of as per procedure.


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