What Is The Cost To Travel In A Sleeper Coach With A General Ticket?

Travel In A Sleeper Coach

Lakhs of people travel through the Indian Railways every single day. This is a huge number. Therefore, the trains are always full and in many instances, overcrowded to the maximum extent. People who aren’t regular travelers, if they don’t get a reservation ticket and have to get a general ticket, and sat in sleeper coach will attract penalty from the Ticket Collector (TT).

Depending on which coach you are, the difference between the amount of the seat in that coach and the general ticket is taken along with the penalty. Also, if your behavior is good then that can also help you.


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The Penalty For Traveling In Sleeper Coach With A General Ticket

Travel In A Sleeper Coach

1] If you go to the TT yourself and if there is a seat available, then he will just take the difference in amount between the general ticket and sleeper ticket. If there is no seat available then he will ask you to go to the general bogie when the train gets to the next station.

2] If the TT catches you then, in this case, you will have to pay the difference in amount between the tickets as well as a fine of Rs 250 or more.

Traveling with a ticket on a waiting list is also not allowed. You will have to pay the fine in that case also. TT can take up to Rs 1000 as fine as recently one of my friends had to pay as her sleeper class ticket was on a waiting list.

To know more about all the guidelines of IRCTC, click here.

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