Book An Online Railway Ticket In India Using These Simple Steps

Book An Online Railway Ticket In India Using These Simple Steps indian railways railtribe

Online railway ticket booking can be a tiresome task especially when you aren’t familiar with the IRCTC website. If you are someone who’s using this website for the 1st time, then it may prove to be overwhelming. IRCTC website has a huge amount of data at your disposal which is actually a good thing. But all that data can be too much for a normal user.

If you simply want to book railway tickets then here are a few easy steps you can follow:

Steps of online railway ticket booking

Step 1: Go to the IRCTC website. It is the Indian Railways official web portal through which you can book online ticket for any train.



Step 2: Sign-in to your account. If you don’t have one already then simply register using the Sign-up process. Once you are done, then log into your account.


Book An Online Railway Ticket


Step 3: On the left-hand side, Select the station from where you will be boarding the train and your destination and provide the date of journey


Book An Online Railway Ticket


Check Your PNR Status (Click Here)


Step 4: Once you click submit, all those trains that are available on your route on your date of the journey will be listed along with their timings. You can choose the train that is best for you and also the class that you want to travel in.


Book An Online Railway Ticket


Step 5: Once you click the class, a new window will open which will state the price of your ticket along with availability/waiting numbers. If you are fine with waiting and want to book a ticket, then click on that number. It will take you to a new window where you have to fill all the details of the passengers traveling, then click on the book now button.


Book An Online Railway Ticket


Step 6:  A new window will open with the summary of your ticket details. It will give you the make payment option at the last.


Book An Online Railway Ticket


Step 7: One you click on make payment option, then IRCTC website will take you to a new page which will show you different modes of payments (like debit/credit card, internet banking etc). Click on the payment mode most suitable for you.


Step 8: Complete the payment transaction process, and you will be directed back to IRCTC website which will inform you that your payment was done and your tickets are been booked.

Once your online railway tickets are booked, you can take a printout of it or keep it as it is. Use the details given on the ticket line PNR status etc to track the live status of your ticket (in case you have a waiting ticket).

If you are a handicapped person then check out this: How Can A Railway Ticket Be Booked For A Handicapped Person Online?

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