How to Check IRCTC Train Timings and Seat Availability

IRCTC Train Timings and Seat Availability

When you plan a trip and want to book a train ticket, then you need to know which trains run on that route. Therefore, you need to check all the trains and their timings between the source and the destination. Select the train that suits your timing and then you can check seat availability on that train. Indian Railways allow you to book a ticket 120 days in advance. Therefore, if you have few days left for your trip, chances are that the train is already full. But lose no hope, there are ways to book your ticket, click here to know how.

India has the 4th largest railway network in the world. Therefore, a whole lot of trains run through those route’s every day to make sure people and freight reach their destination on time and at a cheaper price. Due to the sheer volume of passengers traveling through trains, it becomes difficult to get a reservation. So, you need to check seat availabilities of all trains on that route. Here is how you can do that.

IRCTC Train Timings And Seat Availability

How To Check Seat Availability On Different Platforms

1] Check Trains And Their Seat Availability On IRCTC

  1. Go to the IRCTC website and log into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, register your new account.irctc train timings and seat availability
  2. Now, a page will open where there is “Plan My Journey” of the left.
  3. Enter the station where you will be boarding the train and then enter the destination.irctc train timings and seat availability
  4. Select the Date Of Journey and click “Submit”.
  5. It will list all the trains that travel through that route and are available on that date.irctc train timings and seat availability
  6. Now choose the trains that suit you the best and click on the Class type that you want to travel in.irctc train timings and seat availability
  7. Once you click, it will list the availability of seats in that class on that train. It will have a “Book Now” button below, click on that to book a ticket.
  8. For all the last minute travelers, Indian Railways also has the Tatkal Tickets option for you to get the last minute confirmed ticket of the train you want.

Check Your PNR Status (Click Here)

2] Check Trains And Their Seat Availability On Indian Railways

IRCTC website needs you to register and log into your account every single time you want to plan your journey. This may be tiresome for many who just want to check the schedule of the trains. For such purpose, you can use other means like

  1. Go to the Indian Railway Page.Check Trains And Their Seat Availability On Indian Railways
  2. Enter your source and destination station in “From” and “To” box.
  3. Select the Class you want to travel in and also select your Date Of Journey.
  4. Click on “Get Trains” button.
  5. It will now list all the trains that travel through that route and are available on that date.
  6. Now choose the trains that suit you the best and then click on “Get Availability” of the train.
  7. The availability of seats on that train will then be displayed.

The only problem here is that you can just check the schedule and availability of trains. You cannot book a ticket here. For that, you will have to go to IRCTC.


3] Check Trains And Their Seat Availability On Android

How Can I Book Railway Ticket Form IRCTC Mobile App

There are various apps like IRCTC Rail Connect, Where Is My Train? Indian Rail, etc that not only lets you check trains and seat availability but also book a ticket immediately from the same app.

These apps let you do a lot more like check PNR status, cancel your ticket, live train running status etc through a click of a button. You can check out Top 5 IRCTC Android Apps to know more about these apps in detail and how useful and fast they really are.

In India, traveling by train is the fastest and cheapest mode of transport and it is most comfortable for long distance travel. But getting a train ticket is not easy given the huge demand. Therefore, go through our other articles listed below that will help you to get a confirmed ticket while traveling from one place to another via Indian Railways.


I love to travel and I prefer trains for the most part as it is an inexpensive way to travel along our huge country. There are lots of problems that I go through and I share my experience with others to keep them well informed.

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