Live Train Running Status: Different Ways To Check

Live Train Running Status Railtribe

Live train running status tells you the exact location of any train at that particular time. It is a feature offered by the IRCTC which is extremely useful when you travel by Indian Railways. You can check the live running status of a train by using Whats app, online official website, SMS, and mobile app.

In this detailed guide, you will find all the ways for checking the live train running status and how to use those ways.


1. Check Live Train Running Status Using Whats app

You can now easily check the live train running status on Whats App. This has made the process so much easier. Below are the steps you need to follow:

Whats app train running status

  1. 7349389104 is the number you need to save in your smartphone. This number will help you to check the live train running status on WhatsApp.
  2. Open Whats App and open the chat with this number.
  3. Now, type your train’s unique number and click send.
  4. You will immediately get a response with the live train running status of your train.

It is this simple as it is shown above. You can try it out immediately. This service is actually provided by a third party. But this is actually safe to use and quite reliable.


2. Check Live Train Running Status Using Maps

It is now also possible to check the live train running status on Map. No, it is not on Google Maps but the maps that you can see on the website. This site shows you the live train running status on a graphical interface which looks quite good. The whole map of India is available here.

indian railway info train status

This website also allows you to book train tickets and do other tasks related to the Indian Railways.


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3. How To Find Live Train Running Status On Website

These are the steps to find the live running status of any train you want:

  1. Go to the Indian Railways Official Website.
  2. Enter the train name or train number. It is always better to enter the train number as the name does not really specify in which direction the train is traveling, but the number is very specific for the route of the train.
  3. As soon as you enter the train number, the details of the train will be displayed.
  4. Then enter your boarding station and it will show you the exact current location of the train and how far is the train from your station and when is it expected to reach your railway station.

3. Check Live Train Running Status On Smartphone Via App

There are various railway apps that help you to find the live running status of the train you are looking for. The official IRCTC Rail Connect App does not let you find the live train running status yet, therefore, we have to look for third-party apps which let us do so. One such app is the Indian Rail.

Once you download and install this app, it will let you do all the tasks related to the Indian Railways like booking a ticket or checking trains and seat availability etc. It also lets you find the live train running status. Just select the option once you launch the app and enter the train name or number and the app will display the current location of that train.

It also shows you the last railway station the train has passed and also the expected time for arrival at you boarding station.


Check Your PNR Status (Click Here)


4. Check Live Train Running Status In Indian Languages Like Telugu, Hindi etc.

Indian Railways is constantly striving towards improving their user experience. In this effort, they have launched their services in South Indian language Telugu. As Indian is filled with multi-lingual population, this is a very good start. You can already check the official website in Hindi or English language and the inclusion of Telugu has only made it better.
This facility has been made possible by the Southern Zone of the Indian Railways. More such languages will be added in future so that an average Indian can book a railway ticket in his own language very easily. You can use all the features of the Indian Railways in your own language.
Hope you liked the article. If you have any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment below.
I love to travel and I prefer trains for the most part as it is an inexpensive way to travel along our huge country. There are lots of problems that I go through and I share my experience with others to keep them well informed.

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