PNR Full Form and Everything You Should Know About PNR

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PNR Full Form

The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record. It is a unique number which is assigned to every new ticket that is generated when a passenger books a ticket. The ticket can be of Indian railways or of an airline. You can check PNR status to see the current status of your ticket.

PNR Full Form

The Importance of PNR number

PNR number has the information of the passenger stored in it as a record in the database of a CRS i.e. computer reservation system. Personal details of the passenger are stored in the database along with the itinerary for the passenger or group of passengers who are traveling together.

PNR Number of the Indian Railways

In the Indian Railways, if you book a train ticket, then you will get a 10-digit unique number printed on your ticket. This number is the PNR number. You can use this PNR number to check the current status of your ticket and all the other information related to it.


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The need for PNR Number

The concept of PNR number was first introduced in the airline industry. This was done because the airline industry was facing difficulties to maintain a record of every passenger who was flying, especially in the case where the passenger had multiple connecting flights of different airlines.

PNR made it simple for airlines to share the personal flight data with the other concerning airline, thereby, making it a hassle free traveling experience for the passenger as well. IATA and ATA created norms for such data sharing between airlines to facilitate a secure way of transferring data as well as protecting the privacy of the passenger.

Soon, this PNR system was adopted by other mass carriers like railways as well. A CRS system keeps a record of all the passenger using PNR. Although there is no general standard for the layout and content of a PNR, a CRS system has its own standard which is common across industries using PNR and it caters to the need of the industry to be able to read and store the PNR data easily and transfer it to other concerning sources without any trouble. Due to this, the format of a PNR is similar across all the major systems in place.

When a passenger books an airline or a railway ticket, a unique PNR number will be generated by the system and will be printed on the ticket which the passenger will receive. This PNR will be stored in the database of the CRS system of that carrier. If the passenger has booked the ticket directly from the carrier then the PNR is called Master PNR. If the booking is done via third-party travel agencies then the PNR generated isn’t called the master PNR and it may be stored on a global distribution system (GDS).

When the passenger checks the PNR status, then it is identified by the CRS using a record locator. In case some of the traveling information of the Master PNR is not to be shared with the other carrier, then PNR information copies are sent to the CRS of the carrier which is responsible for arranging the transportation. The CRS is programmed to open the Master PNR and only access the data which is required by that carrier to provide necessary transportation.

Many carriers have their CRS hosted by a GDS which makes it simpler to share the PNR information among different carriers, be it an airline or a railway system. The copies of the PNR information are sent back to the original CRS which holds the master PNR, therefore, all the information of a PNR record stays intact. This also facilitates the exchange of the updated information of a PNR when the trip status changes in any one of the CRS’s.

Due to the such an ease of record storing and handling and exchange of data among different carriers, PNR is being widely used across the world by transportation services. PNRs are also being shared with law enforcement agencies, security agencies, and governments to stop any illegal activities taking place during traveling.

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