Possible! Now Change The Passenger Name (Transfer Ticket) On Train Ticket Easily!

Change The Passenger Name On Train Ticket

It has happened at some point in our lives that we have booked train tickets for all family members and one or more later change their mind to not go on the trip but you have others who would like to join you. So, is the ticket wasted or can you change the name on the train ticket so that the other person can join you?

Yes, absolutely! IRCTC now allows you to change the name on your ticket which is booked online i.e. an e-ticket. You can also change the name on a train ticket which has been booked at the reservation counter on the railway station. Read this guide to know how.

How To Change A Name On Train Ticket


To change the name on a train ticket which is confirmed or on a waitlist is very simple. If you have booked an online e-ticket then simply go down to the nearest railway station.

Rules, Timing, and Required Documents

To change the name on the train ticket, timing is very important. You have to visit the reservation office at the railway station and have to give them a written request at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from its source station.

Such name change on the train ticket is allowed only among close relatives. You can only transfer your ticket to your family member like father, brother, daughter, mother, sister, wife, son, husband etc.

You have to bring identity proof of both the person, one whose name is currently printed on the ticket and the other to whom the ticket is to be transferred, along with the print of the e-ticket.

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Important Things To Rember About Ticket Transfer Facility Of IRCTC/Indian Railways

If the passenger, on whose name the train ticket is, is a government servant who has to proceed on duty, then the name change facility can be availed. The government servant has to submit a written request to the reservation office at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from its source station.

Such name change or ticket transfer facility can only be used to change the name on a particular ticket only once.

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