Simple Step to Book Retiring Room Online

Simple Step to Book Retiring Room Online
Indian Railways has a huge network and hundreds of trains are running simultaneously across different routes at any given moment. Train delays are a normal thing. Therefore, if you are traveling to distant places and your next train gets delayed or you have a few hours gap between your trains then you can always book a retiring room.
These retiring rooms are owned and managed by the Indian Railways through IRCTC. Such rooms are necessary and quite useful to the passengers who have to wait for long hours before their train arrives at the station. There are 3 types of retiring rooms which are Single, Double, and Dormitory with AC/Non-AC options.
You can book the IRCTC retiring room for a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. There are more such restrictions that are applied while booking a retiring room. These restrictions are as follows:
  1. A single passenger can book 1 single or double bedroom or 1 bed in the dormitory.
  2. Two passengers can 1 double bedroom or 2 bed in the dormitory.
  3. Three passengers can book 1 single + 1 double bedroom or 3 bed in the dormitory.
  4. Four passengers can book 2 double bedrooms or 4 bed in the dormitory.
  5. Five passengers can book 2 double bedrooms or 5 bed in the dormitory.
  6. Six passengers can book 3 double bedrooms or 6 bed in the dormitory.

How to Book Retiring Rooms Online

You can book these retiring rooms online easily by using IRCTC website. Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the official IRCTC Tourism website. You can only book the retiring rooms through this website only.

Step 2: Once the page is opened, click on “Accommodation” and then select “Retiring Room”.

Step 3: Once you get to retiring room page, enter the PNR number that is printed on your ticket and then click “Search” to see the desired results.

Check Your PNR Status (Click Here)

Step 4: Now you get an option to book a retiring room at your source or your destination station. Select the appropriate station where you want to book your retiring room by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Step 5: Now select your Check-in, Check-out dates and also the Bed Type and AC/Non-AC and so on.

Step 6: Then click on “Availability” to see the available rooms on that station.

Step 7: Once you see the availability of rooms, you can select the room number and the time slot during which you want the room and then click on “Proceed”.

Step 8: It will take you to a Login page where you enter your IRCTC username and password to login or select guest user to complete your booking details.

Step 9: You have to select room numbers for each and every passenger and then select ID card type and that card number that you will show for verification at the time of accommodation. Now click on “Proceed”.

Step 10: It will then display your booking details. Now click on “Make Payment” and it will take you to the payment gateway system. Once you’ve successfully done your payment, your retiring room is booked and will be ready for you when you arrive at the given time.

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