Train Chart Preparation Time and Rules (Indian Railways)

Train Chart Preparation Time and Rules

Train Chart Preparation Time is important as it lists all the passengers who will be traveling on the train. This list is final and no changes are made hereafter. So passengers who have bought the tickets can finally know if their seat has been confirmed or not.

If you have a waiting list ticket, it can only get confirmed before chart preparation. Once the chart is prepared, if you are still on a waiting list, then your ticket won’t be confirmed. You will then have to talk to the TC to confirm your ticket if some seats are left vacant. Therefore, it is very important to check the chart if you are on the waiting list.

In case you have an E-ticket i.e you have booked your ticket online, then it will be auto canceled if it’s still on a waiting list after chart preparation. Know more about Ticket Cancellation Rules.

Train Chart Preparation Rules

Train Chart Preparation Time and Rules

The chart preparation of a train is dependent on 2 things that are scheduled departure time and whether the train departs in the morning or evening. For trains running during the daytime, the chart is prepared 4 hours before its departure from the source station.

What Does A Chart Really Mean?

A train chart is basically the final list of passengers that have confirmed seats on that train. Along with the passenger names, it also has their details like age, gender and boarding and destination station. It also displays the coach and seat number of every passenger. The chart paper is usually pinned on the notice board of the train platform and stuck at the entrance of every coach door.

When you check your PNR status, you will always found this sentence “Chart Not Prepared”. If you have a confirmed ticket, then you need not worry about it. But if you have a ticket on the waiting list or RAC then you will have to keep checking its status using PNR until it is confirmed or till Chart Preparation. After the Chart is prepared and still you’re on the waiting list, then there are fewer chances that you will get a confirmed ticket as you have to manually search for TC and ask him to confirm your ticket is there are seats left.

Nov 2012 Onwards, a ticket can be booked online just 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. The chart will also be prepared twice. One would be 4 hours before and another 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.

For Morning Trains

Chart for morning trains i.e. trains that leave before 11 AM is prepared on the previous day before 8 PM. It also depends on the origin station working criteria. If you have a morning train to catch, then the chart will be prepared on the previous evening. This will be useful for you to check your ticket status.

For Evening Trains

All the evening or trains that depart after 11 AM, the chart is prepared 4 hours before its scheduled departure.

For Mid-Night Trains

All the midnight or early morning trains, the chart is prepared on the previous evening at 8 PM.

For Super-fast, Rajdhani Or Mail/Express Trains

The Train Chart for such special types of trains like the Rajdhani or Super-fast trains is prepared 2-4 hours before the scheduled departure of that train. In case the train is scheduled for departure in the early morning, then the chart is prepared 12 hours before the departure and for all other trains running to different places, the chart is prepared 2-3 hours before the departure.

How You Can Check If The Chart Is Prepared Or Not

1] Check using PNR number

You can use your PNR number that is given on the ticket to check this. Just go to the Indian Railways website and check PNR status. You will get the details of the status of your ticket as well as if the chart is prepared or not.

2] By making a Call

You can simply call on 139 which is the official number of the Indian Railways. You will get to know the status of the chart preparation here.

3] By using SMS

Type your PNR number on an SMS and send it to 139. You will get an SMS in response which will have the details of your ticket including the status of chart preparation of your train.

Just remember that the train chart is prepared before the train departs from its 1st or source station. So it may be possible that the train you’re about to board has left its origin station a day or two days before. So, in this case, the chart will be prepared accordingly. So in such a case, you can check the chart one or two days before. Just check the train’s origin station and the time when it departs.


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