What Are Some Of The IRCTC Online Train Ticket Booking Hacks

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Indian Railways official website IRCTC has millions of visitors per month. Most of them visit IRCTC website to book a ticket online on the train they want. When it comes to Tatkal booking then things become even more difficult. In this article, I’ll discuss some lesser known ways through which you can get a confirmed online train ticket booking or better your chances at getting one.

IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Hacks

1. While Booking A Tatkal Ticket

If you want to book a Tatkal ticket online, then check this article  How To Book A Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC?This is a detailed article which will let you know each and every important thing that will ensure that you will get a confirmed Tatkal ticket online.


2. While Booking A Normal Online Ticket

If you ae planning a trip, say a month later, and looking to book an online ticket, then there are chances that you will get it easily. But if just a few days are left, then you can find yourself on the waiting list. Here are some things you can do to get the best seat possible.


3. Choose Your Berths Carefully

1] Many of us are unaware that there is a separate quota for women. So, if you have women traveling but the tickets are on the waiting list, then check if there are seats available in the Ladies quota and book their tickets separately. So this way, ladies with you will get a confirmed seat at least. Mostly these are lower berth seats, so that’s a bonus.

2] When elders are traveling and you need lower berths for them, if it shows that few tickets are left on the train then don’t book the ticket. These last remaining seats are often Side Upper seats which are least chosen because they aren’t that comfortable. If you still have few days for the journey left then you should wait until the availability comes to RAC 1. Book these tickets immediately with “Lower” being your berth preference. When other people cancel their tickets (which is very normal) then you have a high chance of getting a lower berth from those cancelled tickets.

3] When you have to book tickets for your group, say 8 people which can possibly get you the entire compartment, and you are getting online tickets, choose berth preference as SU, SL, and two sets of LB, MB, and UB. It is highly possible that you will get the same compartment but there is no guarantee. If it were me, then I would go to the railway station and book tickets at the reservation counter. Those guys are able to give you the same compartment more often than you think.


4. Choosing Your Train

While online train ticket booking, we have a natural tendency of choosing a train with the lowest waiting list. You cannot be more wrong. It is essential that you check the number of coaches available on that train for the traveling class you want to travel in. If the train with low waiting list has few coaches, then you may not get a confirmed ticket at all, whereas, if the other train with longer waiting list has more coaches, then you have better chances there. So never forget this.


Major Stations Quota vs Intermediate Stations/ Remote Location Quota, GNWL vs PQWL

Intermediate or small stations only have a small quota of seats available called as Pool Quota or remote location quota (RL) and, therefore, get on the waiting list pretty quickly – PQWL/RLWL. Mostly, seats are available from the major or originating stations even if it shows waiting list at the local station. Therefore, if you are at such intermediate station and want to get a confirmed ticket, then book a ticket at the major station that comes prior to your station as your source.

That way, even if you get on a waiting list – GNWL, you have a greater chance of getting a confirmed ticket. You will have to pay a little extra, but if you will be traveling for longer distances, then it is completely worth it.

I love to travel and I prefer trains for the most part as it is an inexpensive way to travel along our huge country. There are lots of problems that I go through and I share my experience with others to keep them well informed.

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